Designer Braces

Parents, kids, and orthodontists love WildSmiles because it gives kids a unique way to customize their orthodontic experience. When kids are excited about their treatment, they put more effort into caring for their braces. With so many fun shapes to mix and match, WildSmiles gives patients the freedom to style their smile and enjoy their orthodontic treatment.

Show Your Utah Pride

Warren Orthodontics is the only practice in the area that offers patients the opportunity to show their Utah team spirit with designer braces. You can choose the shape of your bracket from a variety of themes and mix and match colored elastics. These patented designs are made with surgical quality stainless steel, making them durable, safe, and most of all—fun!

The Facts About WildSmiles®

WildSmiles Braces are fun to wear and offer great benefits:

  • Picking out brackets and elastics will be a fun part of your child’s orthodontic experience and will help to connect positive experiences with their treatment.
  • By having the power to customize how their braces look, patients can feel confident in their smile and will love to show it off.
  • While being exciting in design, WildSmiles is made to correct alignment and function just like traditional metal braces. These designer braces are being offered by thousands of orthodontists to make the braces journey fun and to enhance the overall patient experience while maintaining a focus on teeth alignment and oral health.
Designer braces lets patients mix and match for a look that’s all their own.
WildSmiles brackets are correction first: they function just like traditional braces.
Kids feel empowered when they are part of their orthodontic treatment.
Every shape can be paired with colored elastics for even more personality.
Your orthodontist can place your WildSmiles brackets in one easy visit.
With 25 unique shapes and counting, there’s a wild smile for everyone.

Contact us today to find out how you can experience WildSmiles.