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Meet Morgan

Morgan loves her beautifully aligned smile after braces.

My name is Morgan, I came in to Warren Orthodontics for braces, and I live in Spanish Fork. When I first walked in, I did not want to get braces. I was fighting it, and Warren Orthodontics made me feel like it was going to be OK. I was getting my braces off in 18 months, which was way faster than I expected. Dr. Warren was always interested in my life. He’d remember things that I said from previous appointments, he’d ask me about my family, ask me about some of the hobbies that I took part in, which I wouldn’t have thought that he would remember but somehow he did. The team here at Warren Orthodontics was amazing. They were always so friendly, so inviting, and made it so much easier. I feel so much more confident after I got my braces on, knowing that my smile is good, it stayed where it was supposed to—I loved it. Overall, my experience here at Warren Orthodontics has been amazing—better than I could have ever expected. I would definitely give Warren Orthodontics five stars.

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