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Meet Amber

Dr. Warren designed a treatment plan unique to Amber’s daughter’s needs, and their orthodontic experience has been fantastic.

I’m Amber, and I live in Springville, Utah, and we came to Dr. Warren because my daughter needed a palate expander. So my daughter has Down Syndrome, and when she was about six years old, we brought her to Dr. Warren, and he recommended a long-term treatment where we would come in every month to try and get her comfortable with the environment here until we could move into devices like the palate expander, and then braces. Dr. Warren is a fantastic orthodontist. He’s super friendly, easy to talk to. He’s always answered all of my questions. My daughter’s treatment plan has been a lot easier than we originally expected. Overall, my experience at Warren Orthodontics has been fantastic. If you live in Springville and you need an orthodontist, I would highly recommend Warren Orthodontics.

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