Widening a child’s palate increases the dental arch and provides more space for teeth to grow.

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A palatal expansion at Warren Orthodontics is a device that allows us to treat your child’s improper bite or narrow dental arch. This device is specially designed to create more space in a child’s mouth by gradually widening the upper jaw. While this may sound scary, it is a very easy and common procedure that will positively impact your child’s bite and overall oral health.

Our patients or parents of our patients have shared their experiences with palatal expansion at Warren Orthodontics. We encourage you to listen to their stories so that you can learn more about palatal expansion at Warren Orthodontics and how they can help your child achieve a healthier bite, prevent overcrowding, or create more room for overall improved oral health.

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July 2020

The Basics of Palatal Expansion

To better explain what palatal expansion is, it is important to understand that the palate is just another name for the roof of the mouth. This structure separates the cavities of the nose and the mouth and is also a part of the upper jaw which is also called the maxilla and consists of both the palate and the entire upper arch of teeth.

In children, the 2 bones of the maxilla have not yet completely fused into what is called the midline suture, so young childhood is an excellent window of time to treat jaw issues successfully with a palatal expansion using an orthodontic device called a palatal expander. Dr. Warren will assess your child during their initial consultation appointment to see if a palatal expander is something that will benefit them, and then a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan will be created.


The palatal expander is a common orthodontic appliance that is cemented in the roof of the mouth and gently applies pressure to stimulate bone growth at the midline suture, guiding the growth of the jaw. Dr. Warren will give you and your child clear and detailed instructions on how to safely adjust the palatal expander during treatment, and we will make sure that you have all the ongoing guidance you need.

In general, the process is gentle and does not cause discomfort, although there can be some minimal soreness at times. It is normal to develop a small gap between the 2 front teeth as the palate expands during treatment, but this gap almost always closes on its own. If it does not, braces may be used to correct the spacing of the teeth once the palatal expander treatment is complete. The process of palatal expansion typically lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, but we often keep the appliance in place for several more weeks to make sure the new expansion does not relapse.

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