Meet Dr. Bower

Dr. Bower refers patients to Warren Orthodontics.

When I want my patients to be taken care of and receive quality care, I know that they can get that with Warren Orthodontics. Dr. Warren’s really funny, and he knows how to put the patients at ease. He makes them feel real comfortable whenever they come in. Communication between my office and his staff has always been really great. They’re really good about sending the right information that Dr. Warren wants us to know for our patient care, and we do the same. My oldest daughter, who’s 11, just started braces. I bring her here to see Dr. Warren at Warren Orthodontics because I know he does a good job. I know it’s going to be quality orthodontic treatment, and so far she’s loved it. I will continue to send patients here because I know that he will continue to impress me with his results and take care of the patients the way I want them to be treated.

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