Braces align teeth and are a popular treatment choice because of their affordability and efficient performance.

Warren Orthodontics is proud to help patients in our community achieve straighter smiles that they can wear with pride. Our office is located in Springville, UT, and we serve the surrounding areas, including Spanish Fork. You can find our Springville, Ut, office off of 400 S. For questions or to contact our office for an appointment, please call us at (801) 489-7878.

How Do Braces Work?

The 3D images that we take of your mouth show us where your teeth are located, their angles and positions, and their roots. Digital imaging also helps us map out a plan to get them into the correct place. Braces are a proven method to straighten teeth by bonding a bracket to the front of the tooth and connecting all of the brackets with a wire.

Each time you visit our office, we will tighten the wire. This puts tension on your teeth and gradually shifts them into the desired place over time. Elastic bands are introduced after you’ve been wearing braces for 4–6 months and help guide the jaw into proper position. This helps treat issues like overbites, cross bites, underbites, and minor jaw misalignments.

Hear From Braces Patients Like You

Braces are a popular way for children, teens, and adults to achieve a straighter and healthier smile. Braces can help correct bite issues, properly align each tooth in the dental arch, and provide you with a straight smile that you can feel confident about. Hear from some of our other patients about their positive braces experiences and with our highly skilled orthodontic team.

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Types of Braces

Braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment and are very effective for treating a wide range of issues including crowded teeth, gapped teeth, misaligned teeth, and bite problems.

We offer several braces options for patients of all ages, including the following:

  • Traditional silver (metal) braces. This is the most common and recognizable type of braces and consist of metal brackets and archwires. Kids and teens usually opt for these because they are durable and reliable and are anything but boring these days—you can change the color of the elastics to brighten things up at every appointment if you like. Go ahead and have fun with it!
  • Gold braces. Why not go for the gold? Our gold braces are just as durable and offer the same level of treatment as our stainless steel silver braces. They can be glammed up further with colored bands for a look that is all your own.
  • Self-Ligating braces. New, innovative technology allows us to speed up your treatment and even lessen the number of adjustment appointments you need with Self-Ligating braces. This type of solution uses a special clip and slide mechanism instead of metal or elastic ties to move the teeth. Patients also benefit from easier oral care because of the absence of elastics and a more discreet appearance of their braces because the brackets are clear and blend in with the teeth.
  • Ceramic (clear) braces. For a nearly invisible look, ceramic braces are a popular choice. Ceramic braces are made of clear monocrystalline/ceramic materials, and because they are a bit more fragile compared to metal braces and require extra care, we tend to recommend them for our adult patients. When the orthodontic correction needed is a bit more than clear aligners can handle alone, ceramic braces are often the perfect low-profile solution for our patients.
  • Clear, removable aligners. Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® are wildly popular, comfortable, and very effective choices for straightening and aligning teeth without the look of metal braces. We use advanced computer imaging to create a series of custom aligners that will adjust your smile gently in a series of small steps. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, and you can remove them to brush, floss, eat, and drink. Dr. Warren is a top provider in our area for this treatment option.
  • WildSmiles Braces®. WildSmiles was invented by Dr. Stevens, an orthodontist who wanted his patients to express themselves during orthodontic treatment. At Warren Orthodontics, patients can choose from many designer bracket styles, including shapes, stars, hearts, footballs, sports balls, and diamonds. Patients can support their favorite college teams with brackets from the WildSmiles College Collection or show their love for the Wonderful World of Disney with Mickey brackets. Ask about WildSmiles during your consultation so that your child can experience all the benefits of braces with the freedom to express themselves throughout treatment.

At our trusted orthodontics practice in Springville, Utah, we are committed to helping you achieve your best smile, no matter your age. You will be treated just like family by our caring and fun team in an environment we designed specifically for your comfort and enjoyment. We encourage you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation where Dr. Warren will work closely with you or your child to create a personalized treatment plan.

To learn more, check out our Braces FAQ.

How Long Do Braces Take?

The duration of your treatment depends on the extent of issues that we’re looking to fix with orthodontics. Some patients are able to achieve a straight and healthy smile in a few months, which is a common case for Invisalign patients. It may take several years for other patients if any teeth are impacted, if restorative treatment is needed, or if damage to the appliance requires fixing and delays treatment.

How Much Do Braces Cost in Spanish Fork, UT?

The cost of braces depends on several things, including the extent of treatment needed, if you require additional procedures, and your dental insurance. We discuss all of these and answer your questions during your first visit and provide a cost estimate upfront.

Benefits of Braces

Having straight teeth is crucial for maintaining good oral health. It also increases your confidence in your smile. Straighter teeth are easier to brush and floss around, and they help you properly bite and chew food. Braces help straighten teeth and provide many other benefits, including:

  • Help with speech impairment
  • Reduced risk of cavities and periodontal disease
  • Reduced teeth grinding
  • Properly align the jaws
  • Correct bite misalignment